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Financial Information

Here you will find a summary of Chart Industries, Inc's latest financial information.

Latest Earnings Release and 10-Q Date Filed Format Size  
First Quarter Financial Results HTML file N/A  
Form 10-Q Oct 30, 2014 HTML file  PDF file   View XBRL 312.8 KB Add to Briefcase
Form 10-Q Jul 31, 2014 HTML file  PDF file   View XBRL 300.0 KB Add to Briefcase
Latest Annual Report and 10-K Date Filed Format Size  
2013 Annual Report   PDF 1.9 MB Add to Briefcase
Form 10-K Feb 25, 2014 HTML file  PDF file   View XBRL 1.2 MB Add to Briefcase
Latest Proxy Statement Date Filed Format Size  
Proxy Statement Apr 8, 2014 HTML file  PDF file 638.2 KB Add to Briefcase
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